Conversion Process 2113

Conversion ProcessA century from now, in the fabulous year 2113, your frustrated nerd has options that are (alas) denied the would-be transgender enthusiast of the present day. Where’s a time machine when you need one?

Half a Million Views

Today this blog passed the 500,000 views mark, some 16 months after entering the blogosphere. A big thank-you from me to everyone who has passed through and enjoyed my work. The single most popular view, by a wide margin, is the Brains Bennette story (8,061 downloads and counting), and the good news there is that I am planning a sequel.

Realistically, though, I can’t put too much stock in website clicks because you just don’t know what each click represents. Maybe it’s someone who reads and enjoys a story or caption, but it could just as easily be someone who takes a glance and decides it’s not worth his (or her) time. The sheer volume of feedback (and lack thereof) doesn’t inspire confidence, so there’s no point getting excited, right? So here’s me not getting excited. 😀


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