This is What I Am

This is What I AmEver get asked one of those questions you just can’t answer? Like, who are you anyway? Or even, what are you? Man, woman or something the world has yet to define, yet alone embrace? Here’s my playful answer, in typically oblique fashion.

Just for fun, I’m including here a smaller version of the caption. You can still find the full-size version in the PDF file. I’m not sure why. This is how most people post TG captions, so I figured I’d give it a whirl. Maybe it’ll show up in a Google image search one of these days. 🙂

What I Am

TG Caption: “This is What I Am”


5 thoughts on “This is What I Am

  1. Nice picture. Was it photo-shopped ? You look like a real babe in the picture, one who might cause males some neck pain as they stretch and swivel their heads to see you. .

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