Playing the Field

Playing the FieldHere’s what can happen to a man when his wife decides she wants more from their relationship than most guys would be willing to give. How many of us would give our best wig to be in this guy’s (high-heeled) shoes? You know who you are.

As a bonus, I’ve also uploaded a TG caption about a young man who just can’t seem to stop doing what he’s doing. It’s called Obsession (for men), and it’s a little naughtier than my usual fare. (I make no claim whatsoever to any firsthand knowledge of the activity depicted; it’s the power of the imagination, my friends.) As for why the image is delicately censored, the reason is simple: I don’t like looking at wangs, or private parts in general. Anyone who does can find that sort of thing all over the place. 😐

As an aside, I’ve noticed that my web traffic is up over the past few days (by about 40%), and it’s all from the various search engines. I seem to have risen in the rankings of late, and I come by it honestly (no rigging whatsoever). For instance, Google has this website as number two on its list for “transgender fiction”, right after TG Storytime. I take that as high praise, and a sure sign that my work is being appreciated by the (by and large) invisible multitudes.


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