Message to Illustrators

I recently received a message from a reader who has apparently created illustrations for one of my short stories. I decided to reply publicly because the information may be of general interest (and so that one and all might bask in the gentle glow of my wisdom). 🙂

I’m not set up here to receive or post other people’s work, even if it is based on one of my stories. For anyone creating TG illustrations, I refer you (as always) to TGComics (or TGCaps if it involves copyrighted material). That’s the place to share your work where it can be enjoyed and commented upon by people with similar interests, many of whom are also talented artists.

Besides comics, TGComics (and Stories) also posts stories with illustrations. If anyone wants to create drawings for that purpose, based on a story of mine, I’m totally fine with that (contact femur at TGComics for info). Equally, you are free to simply post your work in the TGComics forum and provide a link back to my website for people to find the text of the story.

Now, with regards to the particular story involved…

The story in question was “The Trudy Show” (from way back in 2009). This was an unfortunate choice because the proprietor of TGComics, while being a big booster of my work, very much disliked the ending of that story. So he may not be particularly amenable to having it posted on his website (and any drawing that depicts the ending is definitely out).

This is understandable, because the ending of “The Trudy Show” depicted a rape. This is, in fact, the only time I ever wrote about that most despicable of crimes, and I did so as a way of disparaging the not-uncommon “rape fantasy” that exists on the margins of the TG community. It was my intent to show that this crime is not an appropriate subject for fantasy; that it is always ugly and brutal; and that we really shouldn’t be playing with the idea at all. It was a ham-fisted attempt to nudge readers in the direction of a more mature stance toward women (and by extension ourselves). Unfortunately, an author’s intent doesn’t always shine through the text, so if anyone out there is under the impression that this story in any way condones the crime it depicts, I can assure you it doesn’t.

I’m sure that no one in the TG community would ever approve of forced intercourse in real life; either of themselves or anyone else. I believe that it’s an extension of the common “forced feminization” fantasy, which IMHO exists to reduce the guilt we feel about our enjoyment of womanly disguise. I’m sure that the objectification of women also plays a role in this fantasy, but that sort of analysis is too deep for me; maybe someone out there can write a dissertation. Personally, I have no wish to revisit the subject beyond what I’ve said here, so I’ll leave it at that.


A reply would be appreciated, but is not required...

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