The TGComics Effect

I’d like to thank Femur, of TGComics fame, for his very kind recommendation of my latest story “Acceptance”. The plug appeared last week and the result was a new single-day record for website views.

TGComics Effect

The TGComics Effect

This isn’t the first time this has happened. The previous high of just over 6600 was set last June following yet another TGComics plug. And I posted a similar graph nearly a year ago, showing the effect of my blog appearing on the TGComics links page. So needless to say, TGComics has had a huge effect on the spread of my work through the TG community.

Femur’s latest recommendation appeared on February 20th, and in a fit of shameless self-promotion (forgive me) I’m going to repeat the quote here:

Ms. Hawkins deserves heaps of praise for writing some interesting ambitious stories over the past few years. I admire her because she’s always trying different things — stretching her wings. Her latest short story, Acceptance, is another gem. It goes down a road many other stories have gone down before, but Amanda does it so darn well… what can I say but, nice job, girl!

So thank you again to Femur, who doesn’t get nearly enough positive feedback for the work he puts in running his terrific website. And thanks as well to everyone who has taken the time to read my work, and especially to those who have responded with comments over the first year or so of this blog’s existence. I have more stories in the works, so stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “The TGComics Effect

  1. ok, i downloaded all your stuff, now just have to go through them. thanks tgcomics for this great find, and thanks amanda for making the good stuff!

  2. I was one of those that found the site through TGComics, and I’m glad I did. The only drawback–I’m sneaking far too much time from work to read the stories.

    • I’m glad you enjoy them, Erica. But do pace yourself. I can’t throw these together like captions; you’ll be lucky to find something new here once a month. As for the backlog, you have all the time in the world. This website isn’t going to disappear (and there’s always my old Yahoo group as a backup).

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