AcceptanceAcceptance is an illustrated 13-page short story, published in a book-format PDF file. As usual, it is best read in Adobe Reader’s two-page-up view, although the graphics may appear clearer in a more zoomed-in view.

This is an everyday tale of cross-dressing and romance. Colin is a regular guy struggling to juggle a job and a girlfriend, and a regular cross-dresser struggling to stay in the closet. This is what happens when the closet opens.

I hope you enjoy it. (Comments, anyone?)


17 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. I really enjoy your stories, your style so kind and delicate. This one is beautiful, I was thinking than Chloe will finally be turn into a real woman and be able to love Matt 🙂 But the story was more realistic – Chat with his girlfriend will be surely very interesting ^^

    • Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. It is one of my best! And in case you didn’t know, Chelsea Girl from 2015 features some of the same characters and it furthers Colin/Chloe’s story.

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  5. Do you know the film “The Major and the Minor”? A wonderful 1944 Billy Wilder comedy starring the gorgeous Ginger Rogers. In one a scene, an entire row of schoolgirls at a prom turn their heads to the camera and every one of them has a Veronica Lake peekaboo hairdo over one eye.

    Veronica so darling in “Sullivan’s Travels” as a hobo, in that fluffy robe. You do pic out an icon!

  6. Hi Amanda. What a great “story,” I wish my “story,” had a happy ending as yours did, unfortunately I was forced to be the way I am because I was stupid, thinking I could fool people, then blend back into being David, without any consequences. It all started as a joke, that I didn’t notice how much trouble my girlfriend (Michelle) took to get ready for a date, so she thought it would be a good idea to “Put me through a lesson on getting ready for a date.”
    Well one thing led to another, as you know, now 11 years later I’m still forced to dress this way.


    P.S. Keep in touch, I enjoy your stories.
    Note me on D.A. if you need to.

    • Thanks, Samantha. Sorry you didn’t get the happy ending you were hoping for. Life is like that. Most often, we just have to make do with what we can realistically achieve. I’m not sure why you put “story” in quotes. “Acceptance” is a story, by which I mean fiction. Sure, there are personal experiences that fed into it, but the major events and the overall story arc are fictional. That’s the way it is with all my stories. I write fiction; some of it based in the here-and-now, but trending toward the fantastic (i.e., fantasy, SF, etc).

  7. I recently received an Anonymous comment (which I deleted because it was, like, anonymous) on this page, calling my attention to a broken link. I can only assume they meant the link to the “Acceptance” PDF file. If so, I can assure the sender that the link works. The problem must be on the other end; for instance, maybe your browser isn’t set up to handle PDF files.

  8. I loved this story. My favorite part was all the roles that Kitten experienced in virtual reality. Very intelligent and well written. Thanks for posting.

    • Thank you. I appreciate your appreciation. I mean that.

      FYI: the story you’re referring to is “The Interrogation” (it’s the last story I posted in 2012, in case anyone wants to find it).

  9. I really enjoyed the story. Thank you. I could imagine the fear that Chloe felt, and the relief and joy to be accepted twice on the same night.

  10. I LOVED this so much. Its a deceptively simple story that’s got a lot going on, and I enjoyed the neuroses of the main character being toyed with. Sexy, flirty and smart. Xx

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