The Interrogation

The InterrogationThe Interrogation is an illustrated 51-page novelette (roughly 19,000 words), published here in a professional-looking book-format PDF file. Unlike the two books from earlier this year, this story is pure satire. Kit Carlson is a regular twenty-something (or even thirty-something) guy, who has an unfortunate run-in with a bureaucracy that just doesn’t know how to say, “Oops, my bad!”

This is now the second longest story I’ve ever written, and like the last one it took about two months. As usual, it is best read in Adobe Reader’s two-page-up view, although the graphics may appear clearer in a slightly more zoomed-in view.

This piece, like the last one, is another good example of a story that balloons in the telling. It began as a simple “what if” sort of idea, which I thought might work itself out over the course of a few pages. But I was intent on making the plot as realistic as possible, and in particular to not skimp on dialogue, and so… fifty-one pages later… I hope the result is worthy of your time. Enjoy, (comment, maybe?) and spread the word!


7 thoughts on “The Interrogation

  1. Wow! That was a great read, Amanda. I thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the limiting factors in any transformation is the issue of friends and family. Once that is taken care of there really is no limit, especially if it is all being controlled by a third party.

    What an exciting new future lies ahead of Kitten. Beautiful and educated, she’ll never be short of male admirers.

      • Oh! Well, I guess that would make her exactly what the FBI thought she was in the first place; a clear example of a self-fulfilling prophecy (aka “blowback”). However, I don’t think that would happen in this case. Her conversion was too good, too complete. Gratitude might be too much to expect, of course. But when you’ve become a gorgeous woman, in mind and in body, would you really be left with that much of a need for revenge? As an author of TG fiction, I’m gonna say no.

  2. Samantha, well that ate up a Sunday afternoon. I read it in one sitting. Of course, the bad behavior of the FBI in real life makes the fictional story at least a little believable. I really loved Kit’s slow acceptance of herself as she transformed.
    What I love about your stories so much more than most TG fiction we find is that the characters have fuller lives–they are just not TG but fully human–and they are not just sluts looking for sex. They are persuasive women trying to come to grips with their reality. They remind me of myself.

    • Thank you! You are too kind. And thank you for taking the time to read the whole thing! This isn’t my best story in terms of pacing and structure; it’s really more of a giant TG caption.

      I do try to create characters that are believable as real people; that’s one of my main goals. It’s nice to know that It comes through to the reader.

      I do have one question, though: who’s Samantha?


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