The Wedding

The WeddingThe Wedding is an illustrated 45-page novelette (roughly 16,000 words), published here in a professional-looking book-format PDF file. Unlike my previous book, this story is a mystery. Graham Lawrence is a normal twenty-something cross-dresser, but a day that begins with a fantasy come true threatens to end in marriage! Will Graham (now Sarah) figure out what’s going on before he becomes somebody’s wife?

This is the second longest story I’ve ever written; it took about two months. As usual, it is best read in Adobe Reader’s two-page-up view, although the graphics may appear clearer in a slightly more zoomed-in view.

It’s funny how this story came about. It began life as a single phrase, “Come as your Mum”, sometime last year. I liked the sound of that, but had no story to go with it. I thought about turning it into a tale of a frat party with an unusual theme, but then I realized, What the hell do I know about frat parties? I’ve never been a member, and in any case I ain’t no party girl. The idea languished. Later, I began a story about a guy being hypnotized into thinking he was his own mother, but that went nowhere. Finally, just to get rid of it, I decided to turn the phrase into a short caption. A quickie. But it quickly joined forces with the hypnosis story, and then morphed back into the frat party from a different angle. But I still couldn’t write the party scene, so the plot took a dogleg and went off in a whole different direction. Forty-five pages later…

This is a good example of how an author can lose control of a story. Hopefully, the result is worthy of the journey. Do enjoy it.


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