Brains Bennette

Brains BennetteHave you ever wondered what might happen if a brilliant teenage sleuth were to develop an interest in cross-dressing, and what he might then do if his mother were to go missing? Then wonder no more: the answer is here! Brains Bennette: The Case of the Missing Mother is an illustrated 82-page novella (almost 30,000 words), published here in a professional-looking book-format PDF file.

This is by far the longest story I’ve written; it took nearly four months. I’ve taken care to proofread the text, and I’ve tried to make the design look as professional as possible. I do hope you all appreciate the effort, and will shower praise upon my person accordingly. 🙂

Reminder: I designed this PDF file to be read in two-page-up view. In the Adobe Reader, select View, then Page Display, and click Two Page View. You might also want to maximize the window and get rid of any sidebars. The result looks good on my 1280-by-1024 screen, but if you’re working with something smaller you may want to use a different view.


12 thoughts on “Brains Bennette

  1. Somehow this got tucked away and forgotten about on my computer for years! But I read it eventually and really enjoyed it. Great story, both as a story and as TG fiction.

    • Thank you! That’s lovely to hear. It’s always been one of my own favs. I always meant to have another go-around with those characters, but I haven’t (yet) found the time.

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  4. I enjoyed your novella quite a bit, and appreciate the major twist at climax even though it’s not what I was hoping for. I thought the story was very well written. What I appreciate most is that it wasn’t raunchy or graphic. Thank you.

    • Many thanks for your kind words, EC. It can be rather tricky to take a story in a direction that’s both satisfying to the reader and at the same time surprising. I’m still getting the hang of that, but I’ll keep erring on the side of surprising. Fiction shouldn’t be predictable.

  5. Now, why does the title remind me of the Case of the Missing Message, or the Counterfeit Coin, or the Stolen Dummy?

  6. I loved the story! The tone reminded me of books I read as a kid. The crossdressing bits were fun, and the changes were WONDERFUL! (Too bad Jenna couldn’t stay all girl.)
    This is one of the best TG stories I’ve ever read. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Belle. That’s the kind of feedback we authors love to hear. 🙂

      The tone you mentioned was exactly what I set out to capture. I’m glad to hear that it shone through the text to you…

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