The TGComics Effect

The Reading Room entered the blogosphere in early February. For just over a month it slowly gathered interest (and views), as links appeared in places like Dee-lusions of Grandeur, World of TG, and Joe Six-Pack’s site, until on March 8 it was added to the links page at, whereupon blog traffic blasted a hole through the roof and kept going.

TGComics Effect

The TGComics Effect

Note that a “view” is any webpage hit, file download, or link click. So if someone arrives on the home page, reads this post, goes to an archive page and downloads six files, then leaves via one of the links in the side column, that counts as ten views.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. My work has been mentioned in femur’s blog at TGComics on three separate occasions, the last one being October 4, 2010 (please forgive the shameless self-promotion). And each time it happened, membership in my Yahoo group increased by leaps and bounds, in spite of the fact that even then Yahoo groups were losing favor.

This illustrates the importance of TGComics to our community. With all due respect to femur and the talented artists involved in the website, it isn’t even the comics themselves that are most important. Just as important are the forum, the links page, and the simple fact that it is an extremely well-run website. The above graphic is proof that an awful lot of people pass through the site, touching perhaps only briefly on femur’s blog and the forum, on their way elsewhere in the TG universe.

By the way, I’m not assuming that this avalanche of views is an accurate reflection of the popularity of my work. (Over twenty-two thousand hits and only two comments!) Many people will visit a blog and even click on a few captions, only to find the pictures uninteresting or be disappointed in the quality of the writing. It’s just not possible to figure out what a visitor thinks by counting hits. Ironically, Yahoo group membership was a better indicator. So here’s hoping that visitors to this and other TG blogs will leave a few more comments in the future. Flattery will get you everywhere.


3 thoughts on “The TGComics Effect

  1. Right, here’s the thing about comments. There’s a natural barrier towards people leaving comments on any TG blog as TG comics and culture is anathema in most communities. Leaving a comment on a TG site is more than just a sign of approval, it’s psychologically putting oneself on the line.

    Right or wrong, real or imagined, it’s a huge barrier. I’m a social media professional, if I get 2,000 hits on any one post I know I’m getting good reach. Those hits might also generate 7 or 8 comments but the only way I could grab a reach anywhere close to yours is cheating (yes, you can do that.) I guess what I’m saying is that, yes, comments are gratifying, but your reach isn’t in your imagination. Some of these blogs have vast audiences and the authors get discouraged because no one leaves comments, that’s a shame.

  2. Whoops! Nearly forgot to mention the linky attention I’ve received from Rebecca Molay of the blog Rebecca’s World ( I get more traffic from out her way than anywhere, excepting of course TGComics itself. Thanks, Becs!

    P.S. Thanks muchly for the tweet, it was sweet!

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